Spotfacing is possible if a suitable machine tool is used,
but the speed and precision of execution depend very often on the availability of a tool manufactured for such a specific operation.
The back-spotfacing cutters manufactured by Polledri
eliminate in most cases these specific problems.
The vast range of diameters available from the catalogue will satisfy the most varied needs of industry,
in fact the versatility and ease of use of these tools (with
a special quick change bayonet system) make them ideal for these specific purposes.
These tools made in HSS or with tips in Tungsten Carbide are highly efficient and reliable.
The tools of group 14 – 20 can be used not only for
back-spotfacing in the traditional sense but may also be used for forward spotfacing simply by reversing the spindle direction and the cutter, providing the arbor is adequately
guided through the workpiece or by a fixture.